123 Got To Bounce New Castles

123 Got to bounce New Castles  We  have bought 2 lovely new Bounce and Slide Castle, we have been asked a few times if we had any and now we have. These have fabulous Art work inside and out. Size 12ft W x18ft L. These come with a built in rain cover and are double webbed for extra strength can be used indoors and outdoors suitable for up to age 12. Kids will love them and so will the parents has they will keep them entertained all day long visit www.123gottobounce.co.uk FullSizeRenderbs


123 Got To Bounce/New Super Slide

123 Got To Bounce /super slide

Despite the weather 123 got to bounce have been really busy with lots of school fetes, Proms, Fun days, Football events and Private hires. We have met  some very happy children and adults.

On the 1st and 2nd July 123 got to bounce will be  attending the Stoneleigh Pet show in Warwickshire. Today we have bought a new 26ft L x 20ft H Super slide to take with us  it has  great Simpson Art work and a 12ft new slideplatform. We will also  be taking  along  our 15ft x 15ft Disney children and adult Bouncy Castle. If you want come and have some fun we will be at the Pet show  in  the outside arena Ring B –  59 hope to see you there








123 Got To Bounce

123 Got to Bounce have been busy getting the Castles cleaned and tested and insured , we have started getting  bookings for the Spring and Summer so hopefully this year we will have lots of Sun.

We have just bought 2 new Bouncy Castles a Doc Mc Stuffins and a Ninja Turtles both  12ft x 15ft the colours and art work are  fantastic they are double webbed with very high beds. If you would like to book any of my castles my website is www.123gottobounce.co.ukdoc  turtle

123 got to bounce Autumn/ winter

123 Got to Bounce castles would like to say a big thank you to all of there customer  for hiring a Bouncy castle from us this year. It was great to see my regular customers and there children again and also to meet new customers. The season has come to an end for our outdoor hire however  we are still able to deliver indoors and have got a few great sized castles for in door use. We have a  new 10ft x 10ft Disney castle which can also be doubled up has a Ball Pond. If you would like to book a Castle  between October and March  for indoor hire please contact Leigh on 07758922645 or visit my website www.123gottobounce.co.uk  .

we do a 10 mile free delivery free set-up/collection from CV2 5FD$_57

All of our inflatables are safety tested and all blowers p.a.t tested for compliance and reasurance along with the reliability that we are well known for  our level of understanding and professionalism.

123 Got To Bounce/ fantastic summer

123 Got to Bounce have had a fantastic summer, with lots of new customers and old ones, its been great to meet all of you and your lovely children.  We have been very busy with private hires, Charities, School fetes, Weddings and lots more .The Hummer Bouncy Castle has been very popular and we have had lots of booking even has far has London. We have still got a few more outdoor bookings to get through, but with the season coming to a end we are now taking indoor bookings  From October and March  we will be offering £5 off any  Bouncy Castle, along with 10 mile free delivery free set-up and collection .All of our Bouncy Castles  are safety tested fully insured  and all blowers p.a.t tested for compliance and reasurance

some of our recent pictures1454909_893249470704059_3427743765217308812_n20130525_121155Special_Bouncy_Castles_Hummer

123 Got To Bounce busy weekend/ 8th 9th 10th August 2014

IMG_0195123 Got to Bounce have had a very busy weekend 8th  9th 10th August 2014this  has been one  of our most busy weekends. I have to say we delivered all the castle on time, all of our customers where very happy with our service and have left some lovely feedback thank you .We delivered to Birmingham to take Thomas the Tank Bouncy Castle, the little boy was delighted has we do not usually deliver so far. We also delivered to 2 lovely private Nurseries and several private hires and managed to take  the Hummer Bouncy Castle to a wedding reception in Oxford the Bride and Groom and all the guests were delighted.

123 Got To Bounce/events

123 Got To Bounce/ Events what ever your event we deliver and set up Bouncy Castles for Bank Holiday celebrations, Parties for all ages, Summer Fairs, fetes, Car Boots, Weddings and any other event you may have. So make your day more fun by hiring a Bouncy castle or slide from us. We have Bouncy Castles suitable for Children and Adults Visit www.123gottobounce.co.uk or call Leigh 07758922645

We have decided to turn our 12ft x 15ft Looney Tunes Bouncy Castle in to a Ball Pond and added some lovely coloured balls, it is great for toddlers and children up to age 6, it can still be used has a Bouncy Castle. This has been very popular at  Children’s Nurseries all over Coventry and Warwickshire